This creative exercise was a chance for my team and I to demonstrate to Hawaii educators that cool effects can be done with simple tools.  The video was created without the use of any special effects programs.  Can you figure out how it was done?

If you haven’t already figure it out, here’s how we did it.  We printed the logo on a transparency with an ink jet printer and submerged it in water to dissolve the ink.  To speed up the dissolving process we use a baster to blast water at specific parts of the logo.  The entire process was videotaped and played in reverse (via video editing program).  Below is a list of all the items used in the exercise.

  • Ink jet printer
  • Transparency
  • White basin
  • Water
  • Baster
  • Tripod
  • Video camera
  • Clamp on light
  • Towels
  • Computer with video editing software

Special thanks to my homie Todd G. for hooking us up with original music.  We have a saying in my studio… “Its not the toys, its the talent… show your skill”… I love it!

IMG_9009 IMG_9022IMG_9011

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