This piece is a collab project that I am most proud to be a part of.  The piece is a collage of murals individually created by each member of the artist group The Barnstormers using elements that could found in our immediate surroundings… grass, leaves, twigs, brooms, rocks, sand, rope, etc.  In some respects, this project is what started my journey to pursue a career as an artist.  Though my crew and I were the tech support team that documented the process, I ended up becoming good friends with Dave Ellis and his team… world class artists!  What a great experience!  I was able to be a part of their creative and execution processes… also heard their stories as to how they got to where they were… doing what they love the most for a living… though not an easy road it is truly inspiring.  For 10 days The Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House (known as The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu at the time of the project) was home to us as we worked on this project, a large mural, and a community project with local kids.  Big mahalo to Dave Ellis and The Barnstormers for impacting my life!

DSC01046 DSC01040 DSC01054 DSC01143 DSC01173 DSC01113 DSC01011 DSC01005 DSC00996

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