5 Element Transformation Series


The 5 Element Transformation Series is a collection of 50 audio tracks designed to bring about the essence of each of the 5 Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) into your space. The tracks in this series were created by using metal and wooden bells, bowls, crystals, chimes, and metal rings with the intent to stimulate movement and change.

Each track consists of a long rhythmic tone with a resonant sound played 3 times at the beginning and end. These tracks are recommended to be used as ambient sound during cultivation practices.

Below is the track titled Clarity from the Metal element collection.



Track titles for each element.

Wood: Expansion, Growth, Perseverance, Movement, Transformation, Life, Spontaneity, Creativity, Abundance, Flexibility

Fire: Inspiration, Passion, Purification, Vitality, Strength, Tempering, Hope, Courage, Advancement, Ascendance

Earth: Grounding, Stability, Cultivation, Substance, Stillness, Balance, Perspective, Certainty, Warmth, Comfort

Metal: Clarity, Wisdom, Vision, Focus, Control, Compassion, Awareness, Sincerity, Insight, Refinement

Water: Serenity, Peace, Flow, Harmony, Rejuvenation, Purity, Softness, Adaptation, Tranquility, Unity


Cover art by Celina Taganas-Duffy