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Welcome to a space where all the offerings focus on integrity, well-being, & peace.


  • Sacred Fire in England

    Mini retreat & social gathering held during the summer solstice to share the significance of fire in self cultivation & sacred practices. Topics of discussion included the evolution of sacred cultivation practices, what makes a cultivation practice sacred, the relevance of these practices in today’s world, and the role of fire and other elements in…

  • Sacred Journey to Tibet

    Three week retreat in Tibet to offer prayers and study sacred spaces, places, and rituals through full immersion. The journey began with a few acclimation days in Xining, China before taking a train to Lhasa. We then drove across the country starting from Lhasa to Shigatse and continued on to Everest Base Camp, Saga, and…

  • The Dance

    The Dance is inspired by the harmonious balance of opposing elements and the magic of their interaction. This piece is very personal to me as it embodies the essence of all arts that I have learned and practice – natural movement, stillness, balance, and transformation. The image came to me when when I inherited my…


On April 5th, 2015 the Shingon Shu Hawaii Temple celebrated its 100th anniversary with a Saito Goma service (fire purification) performed by monks from Kyoto, Japan. This monumental event gave me the opportunity to reflect on my experiences with the temple over the years. The one thing that immediately jumps at me is how long…

Patience, timing, and precision… these are the characteristics of a snake that are the keys to a prosperous year.   This is a challenge for my Chinese zodiac animal… the tiger. Snakes and tigers possess the same traits but are polar opposites in their embodiment.  Snakes can chill outside a mouse hole for days before striking……

My friend and student Ray Silos brought his giant ring (aka a cyr wheel) to my Bagua class one day to share how he applies his (Bagua) training to his profession as a circus performer.  I gotta say that the video really does NOT do his craft justice… What an experience when seen live!  Wow!……


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