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All my offerings focus on well-being, self cultivation, & integrated living.
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  • The Dance

    The Dance is inspired by the harmonious balance of opposing elements and the magic of their interaction. This piece is very personal to me as it embodies the essence of all arts that I have learned and practice – natural movement, stillness, balance, and transformation. The image came to me when when I inherited my…

  • Integrated Living & Well-Being

    Private presentation on integrated living and well-being that focused on clarity, communication, and stress management. This event was part of a 2 day work retreat for US Aid. It was a true honor and pleasure to be able to share my work with such wonderful people. Special thanks to Cristina Olive for inviting me to…

  • Swordsmanship Camp

    12 consecutive nights of training that explored the spectrum of swordsmanship from survival to spiritual cultivation. Each night built upon the previous and covered posturing, movements, applications, principles, philosophies, and history. The workshop took place from December 26, 2016 to January 6, 2017 and included a special new year’s blessing that consisted of the offering…


Today, thanks to my wonderful friend Joannie, I had the great pleasure and honor of meeting Dr. Sen Genshitsu, a 15th generation master from the Urasenke tradition of tea at his talk at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. ‘Urasenke’ means the back house of the Sen family/school and has roots from Sen no Rikyu…

This video is raw, unedited, and unrehearsed. It is a result of a random collaboration between 3 avid martial artists who are passionate about what they do  – Rannoch Donald, founder of 100 Rep Challenge and Movement Mavericks; Andrew Usher, Visual Effects Artist and Head Coach at Savate Scotland; and myself. Rannoch plays random track…

On April 5th, 2015 the Shingon Shu Hawaii Temple celebrated its 100th anniversary with a Saito Goma service (fire purification) performed by monks from Kyoto, Japan. This monumental event gave me the opportunity to reflect on my experiences with the temple over the years. The one thing that immediately jumps at me is how long…


You are what you surround yourself with and spend the most time doing.

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