This body of work is a study of movement and shapes. The images were created by taking long exposure photographs of me doing martial forms with various light sources. The Sword series (2012) was done with a long light source and was taken from above whilst the Kung Fu series (2010) was done with small lights attached to my wrists and crown and was taken from above and eye level.

The focus of this work is to demonstrate the existence of a larger shape that is determined by the whole of our thoughts, emotions, and physical body. This larger shape is what others and our environment engages with and responds to. Through the cultivation and integration of our physical, mental, and emotional capacities we can actively shape and present ourselves so others may get to know who and what we truly are.

Each of the movements used to create the images have roots in ancient martial, healing, and shamanic practices. As a result, each mandala can be used as a meditation and prayer aid, blessing, or simply as an art piece that brings sincere energy into your space.

“Attainment” and “Warrior” from the Kung Fu Series were part of the 2011 Artist of Hawaii show at the Honolulu Museum of art.

Sword Series (2012)

Kung Fu Series (2010)

High quality metallic prints mounted on a 2mm styrene board are available for purchase here.



January 16, 2012


Honolulu, HI