This video is raw, unedited, and unrehearsed.

It is a result of a random collaboration between 3 avid martial artists who are passionate about what they do  – Rannoch Donald, founder of 100 Rep Challenge and Movement Mavericks; Andrew Usher, Visual Effects Artist and Head Coach at Savate Scotland; and myself.

Rannoch plays random track (that I never heard before), Andrew starts rolling the ultra high def cam, and start warming up/moving. Then a thought and feeling come over me… to share my life’s work/journey and honor all who have helped at this moment through my movements. I get choked up when I watch this as I remember how I felt and the thoughts cycling through my mind.

Song: “Time” by Hans Zimmer (Inception Soundtrack)
Special thanks to Fitness Soul for allowing us to use their facility

©2016 Ray Carbullido | All Rights Reserved.

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