One of the scariest moments of my life happened at a closed door SWAT team workshop that I did in Gilbert, AZ.  I was demonstrating some applications of the basic movements of bagua… how functional surfaces come to be by simply keeping the integrity of the form.  At the end of the progression my forearm lightly (I mean feather touch) grazed my friends head and cracked is neck!  No sound enhancements have been made to the video.  In fact, it was a lot louder in person.  For a nanosecond I honestly thought I killed my best friend!  I was so relieved to hear him laugh immediately after… wheeeww!  He said that everything turned bright blue and a white steak came down the middle… and that he felt a sense of peace but didn’t know what he would see when it would clear.  Taoist shamanic transmission?… haha… I’m just glad my friend is alive!

Aside from the scare, I had a blast doing the workshop!… lots of laughs while training… good times!  Special thanks to Ryan Bader and the Power MMA & Fitness team for letting us use their facility.

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