My story is simple. I am a martial artist. Everything I do is an expression of my practice. By the age of 27 I had 3 near death experiences that have guided me to approach life with sincerity and passion. In 2002 I started a creative consulting firm and applied the core principles and philosophies of my martial training to being an entrepreneur, creative director, and artist. I did this for 10 years. In 2009, I began the transition to what I do now.

My current offerings (artwork, group workshops, talks,  immersive retreats, sacred spaces, and private training) all focus on the the cultivation of integrity and well-being. Each offering is designed to help people understand who they are, what they have to offer, and their relationship with the larger things they are a part of.

My training consists of Baguazhang, Shorinjin Ryu Ninjutsu, Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu, Icho Ryu Aikijujitsu, Hirai Shiki Reiki, Mikkyo, and shamanism. I have been teaching these practices since 1998 and currently share them with my students around the globe via weekly classes at my dojo and online private sessions. Access to these classes are by invitation or referral only.

My hope is that we all truly understand that we each have a specific role within the larger system that we are all a part of. Each role has a unique power. By cultivating ourselves to skillfully wield this power anything is possible. This is what drives me to share my cultivation.

Please contact me if I can be of service and benefit to you and/or your organization. Let’s cultivate together and build something great!