Today, thanks to my wonderful friend Joannie, I had the great pleasure and honor of meeting Dr. Sen Genshitsu, a 15th generation master from the Urasenke tradition of tea at his talk at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. ‘Urasenke’ means the back house of the Sen family/school and has roots from Sen no Rikyu (original tea master).

Dr. Genshitsu’s message today was one of hospitality, appreciation of imperfect beauty, and influencing the world by knowing the ways of where you are and where you come from. He shared core philosophies of his craft, Chado (the way of tea) and its relationship to the samurai code of conduct (integrity, respect, honor, sincerity, courage, compassion, and duty). He encourages everyone to cultivate and express their soul and put it in all that they do. OSU!



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